Single Blessings on Valentine's



By Michael Bozeman | M.A.C.E., MA, LPC


February 14 will soon be upon us—the date in which, across the world, the celebration of romance and relationships is observed. Valentines Day can be a happy occasion for those in relationships. It can also be a trying time for those that have lost or are not currently in relationships. 

As a single male, I have had my fair share of Valentines Days alone. When asked to put my thoughts on paper about being a single male on February 14, I must admit it brought about some anxiety.  As I sat down to write this blog post, I found myself with a great deal of writer’s block. This could be because I do not consider myself a writer, but more so because I do not think I have ever given it much thought. 

I am thankful that over my years of singleness, I have been blessed with some great friends from all walks of life that, like me, have found themselves single on February 14. This has given me an opportunity to catch up with them around this time of year. Yet over the years, many of those friends have found a significant other to spend Valentine’s Day with—And all the candy, card, and flower manufacturers screamed Amen!

I would be dishonest in my assessment that there is not something attractive about having someone to share this day with. At the risk of turning into a preacher, I just trust that Jesus has me in the stage of life that I am in for his purpose. I do not have to understand it all the time, but I try to embrace it and trust his process. So, unless something happens between now and February 14, I will be single again this Valentine’s Day. 

I will use my singleness to allow my brother and his wife to go out on a date. I will, in turn, take three of the most beautiful little girls out on a date with their uncle. I allow my singleness this year to bless my brother, and take the time to invest in my nieces. 

All that being said, if I can offer any advice to those men out there who struggle with being single on Valentine’s Day, it would be this: When you find yourself in the struggle of being single, try your best to embrace it, and look for opportunities to bless those around you. Think outside the box and reach out to friends that you have had over the years that are single this year as well. 

To my brothers that are in the struggle because they have a deep desire to be in a relationship, and find themselves single this year, let me encourage you. Jesus knows where you are, and he has an unbelievable love and care for you. Hold on to the truth of his word, and do not allow the enemy to creep in and manipulate your feelings with his lies. Trust that Jesus is and always will be in control in every situation, even when it does not make sense to us.

Use your singleness to bless others this Valentine’s Day. Make new memories with old friends, and make this February 14 something special.

Prior to counseling, Michael Bozeman served for over a decade in the local church as a licensed and ordained pastor, ministering to students. His love for the Lord and people are the driving force behind his desire to be a counselor. Michael is a Licensed Professional Counselor for Pathways in north and central Alabama. 

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