The Great Date



By Pathways


Every couple I know is in desperate need of a good date. No, strike that — they are all in need of a GREAT one. At Pathways Professional Counseling and the Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes, we are passionate about protecting, nurturing, and restoring children and their families. But our passion does not stop there.

We believe the start of a healthy and happy family is with a healthy and happy marriage. And if we are honest, moms and dads can get so busy focusing on the family that they forget about each other. It is extremely important that a couple take time to connect, or reconnect for that matter. This is where the Great Date Experience comes in.

The Great Date Experience is something that we believe will help you reconnect with your spouse in a fun and fulfilling way. The set-up is simple: set aside a special time to go on a date with your spouse, and use this sample set of questions and tasks we’ve developed to help facilitate a strong, intimate connection.

The key ingredients here, apart from you and your significant other, are the “questions.” The right question can mean all the difference in a couple enjoying a night out together, or not even making it out the door because someone said the wrong thing. We want you to have a special time with your special someone that can revitalize your marriage. This experience has the potential to open a door of communication in your lives that will lead to a stronger, healthier marriage. 

We have developed a free PDF download for the Great Date Experience below. All you have to do is download the PDF, print it out (or pull it up on your tablet or smart phone) and GO! This PDF is filled with great questions and date ideas that, we hope, will help bring about a greater level of intimacy between you and your spouse.  

Click here to download the FREE PDF.