Making New Year's Goals — And Keeping Them

Question: Dear Anne, I feel like I always set New Year’s Resolutions, but by the end of January, I have stopped. I need help knowing how to set an appropriate goal and how to keep it. more...

Modesty: The Deeper Heart Issues

Modesty?! Does anyone even care about modesty these days? Many people in our society would consider the idea of modesty as a thing of the past when the ladies wore skirts down to their ankles and Victorian high necks, long-sleeve blouses to cover their entire bodies. Sadly, modesty often times falls in the “old school” category, and today many women and men in the media are respected and praised for being anything but modest.more...

Our Body as a Temple

Cathy McDaniel, social worker in Birmingham with our sister ministry, Alabama Baptist Children's Homes, responds to the following question previously asked in our Ask Anne blog series. Cathy has a personal interest in fitness and has seen great success. more...

Avoiding Disappointment in Relationships

I can think of no relationship with greater potential for disappointment than our most emotionally intimate relationships. I may be kind to my co-workers, courteous to my neighbors, compassionate with my fellow church members, but may neglect to give the same amount of attention to my spouse.more...

Safety Tips for Halloween

Our family plans to attend our church's trunk or treat. Our girls, however, want to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood first. Do you have any safety tips for us when we go trick-or-treating with them?

This time of year can be a fun-filled time for kids. They enjoy dressing up as princesses, super heroes, or their favorite movie characters. It is also the one time a year they get more candy than any other. This can be very safe time for you and for your kids if you take the right steps.

You already have a good idea of what to do to keep your children safe. You are planning to take them to a local church event to show off their costumes and have fun. You can feel much more safe knowing that your child is in a place where people you know are passing out safe candy. Most sheriff's departments recommend attending a community or church-based program to keep kids safe and off streets that could be hazardous.

If you do decide to go door-to-door trick-or-treating before hand, there are several tips we would like to offer to keep your children safe. Pedestrian injuries are the most common among children on October 31st.  Kids are more than twice as likely to be injured on this night compared to any other night of the year. This does not have to be your children if you are keeping a vigilant eye on them and following some safety tips listed below.

Here are 5 things you and your husband can do while trick-or-treating: